Month: December 2012

2013 Cut into pieces

This year, 2012, has seemed to drag by very slowly for me.  I thought it would be a great idea if the coming year could be cut up into small pieces.  Keeping with that spirit, I created a 2013 calendar that is a jigsaw puzzle. The calendar was created using a Linux console command.   […]

SDR Software – Good, bad and very ugly

Drivers – RTL2832U SDR Before you run any software, you need to get the SDR device drivers.  For windows this is done by replacing the default TV driver using Zadig.   On Linux, rtl-sdr from OsmoSDR must be built from source.  This part was rather painless, though I do suggest using the non-root install option during […]

Bad program – no network


Once upon a time programs would ask your permission before using your resources.  The idea that a program would phone-home and connect to a remote system host would be appalling.  Today this practice is common place.  Applications do anything from just checking for latest versions to submitting tracking and usage metrics.  Wouldn’t it be great […]

Codename: Project Omega

Project Omega Early Screenshot

As I mentioned before when talking about low polygon artwork, making a your own game takes a lot of time and effort.  The actual worst enemy of a indie game developer is allowing feature creep to kill your project.  When I started “Project Omega” it had a very limited scope.  During my time working on […]

Egyptian jewelry box

Egyptian Wooden Jewelry Box

To choose a good gift you need to personalize it to fit the person.  In this case, the person was very interested in Egyptian culture.  Building off of that idea, I set out to make something that looked Egyptian and could be useful. After doing some research, I chose to do an Egyptian themed jewelry […]

Bamboo spatula

Engraved Bamboo Spatulas

Bamboo turns out to be a wonderful wood to work with on the laser.  I tested some bamboo spatulas with different ideas.  The only ones I could find had a wooden finger joint, seen in the picture as the dark stripes, in two places on the handle.  Bamboo also seems to be able to handle […]

Drinks on us

cork coasters

One of the biggest challenges of using a laser is learning how each material reacts.  Natural materials like wood and rocks are all different.  Even the same type material can have huge differences in density that can cause the same settings to come out differently. I thought I would give thin natural wood cork a […]

Low polygon artwork – More with less

Low and high poly tanks

One of my rather frequent pastimes is playing video games.  And over the years I’ve played a lot of games.  Some really good ones and a lot of bad ones.  Often I’m left with the feeling that something should be done better. Of course, getting from I want to make a game to actually having […]

Construction site end table

Table design

Making things can be a lot of fun.  Starting off with a vague idea of what you want and then being able to build and complete it is very rewarding.  I wanted to see if I could make a small piece of furniture for my home.  However, my laser cutter is only able to cut […]

Radioactive warmth for any room

Wave Lamp On

There is just something special about a soft warm light that makes a room feel like home. Adding a lamp will work, but plain ordinary lamps don’t add as much to the atmosphere. I set out to create a new design that would provide both warm soft light and a unique and interesting look. Using […]

Phoenix – well almost

CPU Fan Wire

Thanks to a failed CPU fan that almost caused a fire, I decided to rebuild my website.  I haven’t really been sharing my adventures on my old one.  So with a new website it is a perfect time to start. Like most, my intent is to keep it updated often.  How often that turns out […]