Radioactive warmth for any room

There is just something special about a soft warm light that makes a room feel like home. Adding a lamp will work, but plain ordinary lamps don’t add as much to the atmosphere.

I set out to create a new design that would provide both warm soft light and a unique and interesting look. Using 3D software I created a unique design I called “The Wave Lamp.”

Wave Lamp Design

Wave lamp design

I then cut this design out of stained wood sheets. All parts are designed to interlock providing strength yet still very light-weight. This frame is then covered with a thin fire resistant paper. Inside is a low-wattage energy saving compact fluorescent bulb.

Wave Lamp off

Wave Lamp off

Wave Lamp On

Wave Lamp On



I think overall the project came out very well and has given me more ideas for different designs.

If you’d like your own, you can purchase them from my shop wave lamp.

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