2013 Cut into pieces

This year, 2012, has seemed to drag by very slowly for me.  I thought it would be a great idea if the coming year could be cut up into small pieces.  Keeping with that spirit, I created a 2013 calendar that is a jigsaw puzzle.

2013 Jigsaw Calendar

The calendar was created using a Linux console command.   “cal 2013”  This gave me the text in monospace format.  I then took SVG designed jigsaw design and modified it to fit my needs.  The internal lines are lightly engraved to simulate different pieces.  You’ll have to click the full size image to see them as they are hard to see from the thumbnail.  The outside is then vector cut to produce a nice border.  The calendar text is then deep engraved into the 4mm ply to expose a darker lower layer.

I made two of calendars that were about 27x30cm on unfinished plywood.  Next time I think I’ll try a smaller version with dark stained wood.  With a light engraving, this should give a nice contrast.



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