Minecraft – Not so random blocks

City center map

I’d like to share some images of my Minecraft server that has been running for over a year and half now.  I started this server not long after the February earthquake of 2011 here in Christchurch.  Just as we had to rebuild our city in real life, I constructed this virtual city server block by block.  Many of our city iconic buildings in were destroyed in the earthquake.  The city’s main icon, the cathedral  was destroyed in the quake.  This was one of the first large buildings constructed.  I’ve also added some other buildings that were destroyed to help remember them.


The city itself acts as a the main hub for the server.  It contains portals that take you to other cities, each with their own theme.

Egyptian City

You can read more about the server details on the minecraftforum post.  I’ve met some really good players over the last few years.  Many of us are still just casual players who come to build and share our creations.  The server has slowly grown into what it is today.

Mayan Temple

Collection of shots from around the server.  These are taken with HD texture pack and GLSL shader for added effect.


  1. the pictures are amazing!!! you did wonderful! a few of them do not even look like minecraft at all. i am sure if i showed someone and did not tell them what it was they would be surprised to find out XD

    that is not just because of the texture pack. you did a wonderful job picking angles XD

    I am on this server ( for anyone who is reading this) it is a lovely place and it has been amazing seeing it grow over the time i have been on it.

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