This is a collection of small patches for things that don’t really warrant their own page/post.

vnstat PHP Frontend

A recent update to PHP/libgd cause vnstat PHP Frontend have errors usage graphs.  The SVG image options were not parsing returned key values of nested array data.  A quick fix was to check for an array value and recursively dump array key/value pairs.

Version: git 1.5.1 head commit a8a2d1eabb016a7bdec3391c6c2819246d5d2a55
Patch: vnstat_frontend.patch
Status: pending

Minecraft Server Init Script

Quick fix for minecraft init script to log-rotate without taking server offline.

Version: git bff09dec1eca634ac867cbc22dda2aea94577f31
Patch: minecraft-init.patch
Status: merged


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