Low polygon artwork – More with less

Low and high poly tanks

One of my rather frequent pastimes is playing video games.  And over the years I’ve played a lot of games.  Some really good ones and a lot of bad ones.  Often I’m left with the feeling that something should be done better. Of course, getting from I want to make a game to actually having […]

Construction site end table

Table design

Making things can be a lot of fun.  Starting off with a vague idea of what you want and then being able to build and complete it is very rewarding.  I wanted to see if I could make a small piece of furniture for my home.  However, my laser cutter is only able to cut […]

Radioactive warmth for any room

Wave Lamp On

There is just something special about a soft warm light that makes a room feel like home. Adding a lamp will work, but plain ordinary lamps don’t add as much to the atmosphere. I set out to create a new design that would provide both warm soft light and a unique and interesting look. Using […]

Phoenix – well almost

CPU Fan Wire

Thanks to a failed CPU fan that almost caused a fire, I decided to rebuild my website.  I haven’t really been sharing my adventures on my old one.  So with a new website it is a perfect time to start. Like most, my intent is to keep it updated often.  How often that turns out […]